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Founders / – #302 Napoleon speaking directly to you

Founders – #302 Napoleon speaking directly to you

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In this episode of the “Founders” podcast, the host explores the mind of Napoleon Bonaparte, drawing insights from his quotes and actions. The podcast also features discussions on the importance of legacy, the power of action, and the role of leadership in achieving success. Additionally, the host highlights various sponsors and updates on the podcast itself.

Main Takeaways

Building Relationships with Advertisers

  • Building relationships with advertisers is a unique aspect of the podcast.

Eight Sleep and Quality of Sleep

  • Eight Sleep, a podcast supporter, focuses on the quality of their product.
  • Eight Sleep’s temperature control feature significantly improves the quality of sleep.

Meter: Reliable Internet for Commercial Spaces

  • Meter provides fast, secure, reliable internet and Wi-Fi for any commercial space.
  • Streamlined design, installation, powerful hardware, and smart software are key features of Meter.

Tiny: Selling Businesses with Cash Exits

  • Tiny is the easiest way for founders to sell their business with straightforward cash exits.
  • Tiny buys businesses of all sizes and responds to emails within 48 hours.

The Mind of Napoleon

  • “The Mind of Napoleon” offers written and spoken quotes that provide insight into Napoleon’s mindset.
  • Napoleon believed in the power of action and discarding obstacles to achieve his goals.

Lessons from Biographies

  • Many founders have studied biographies of Napoleon and Winston Churchill to understand success in leadership and politics.

Legacy and Immortality

  • Napoleon emphasized the importance of leaving a lasting legacy and achieving immortality through memory in the minds of men.
  • A great reputation and a lasting legacy are significant goals.

Controlling Public Opinion

  • Napoleon believed in controlling his own message and shaping public opinion for success.
  • He served as his own minister of propaganda and communicated extensively with his troops.

Lessons from Military History

  • Studying military history and battles of great captains provides insights into human behavior and strategies for success.
  • Principles of warfare include concentration of strength, striking speedily at critical points, and exploiting every possible opportunity.

Ambition and Consistency

  • Ambition, consistency, and sacrifice are crucial for achieving success.
  • A leader’s principal talent lies in understanding their team’s mentality and winning their confidence.


Exploring Napoleon’s Mindset and Legacy

In this episode, the host delves into the mind of Napoleon Bonaparte, highlighting his quotes and actions as a source of inspiration for founders. Napoleon’s emphasis on action, discarding obstacles, and leaving a lasting legacy resonates with entrepreneurs seeking success. The podcast also touches on the importance of building relationships with advertisers and features sponsors such as Eight Sleep, Meter, and Tiny. Additionally, the host emphasizes the value of studying biographies and military history to gain insights into leadership and strategies for success.

The Power of Control and Influence

Napoleon’s belief in controlling his own message and shaping public opinion is a key takeaway. By serving as his own minister of propaganda and communicating extensively with his troops, he demonstrated the importance of morale and influencing people’s perception. The host draws parallels between Napoleon’s approach and the need for entrepreneurs to build morale and shape public opinion to create successful teams and companies.

Lessons from Military History and Ambition

The podcast highlights the relevance of studying military history and the battles of great captains to gain insights into human behavior and strategies for success. Principles of warfare, such as concentration of strength, striking at critical points, and exploiting opportunities, can be applied to entrepreneurship. The host emphasizes the importance of ambition, consistency, and sacrifice in achieving goals and winning the confidence of one’s team.


By exploring Napoleon’s mindset, the “Founders” podcast offers valuable insights into leadership, ambition, and the pursuit of a lasting legacy. The episode emphasizes the power of action, controlling public opinion, and drawing lessons from history. Listeners are encouraged to apply these principles to their own entrepreneurial journeys and strive for success with ambition and consistency.

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