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The Positive Mindset Podcast / How to break through limiting belief’s and expand in positive light. | The Positive Mindset Podcast

How to break through limiting belief’s and expand in positive light. | The Positive Mindset Podcast

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Welcome to “The Positive Mindset Podcast” where we focus on raising vibrations, building positive mindsets, and shifting into the positive light. In this episode, we explore how to break through limiting beliefs and expand in a positive light.

Main Takeaways

Belief and Expansion

  • What you believe is possible for you indicates the frequency that you’re operating.
  • Asking the question “What is possible for you?” can reveal powerful insights into personal beliefs and limitations.
  • The process starts with the thought, then the actions, and then reinforcing it again.
  • Challenge yourself to think bigger and not limit yourself.
  • Society often limits people based on their own perceptions.

Healing and Growth

  • Deep healing meditative breaths can help listeners align with the frequency they want in their lives.
  • Once you realize that you can heal, the path will present itself.
  • It’s not about reaching the result, it’s about becoming the person that you would be as if you achieved the goal.
  • Fulfillment should come from the process, not just the end result.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a shift in your life, even if it means losing people who are not supportive.

Community and Support

  • Sharing positive comments or episodes with others can help build a supportive community and inspire others to listen.
  • Be an uplifting force and make sure others rise around you.
  • True love means wanting someone to find their path, even if it doesn’t include you.
  • Those who accept and support your uprising will benefit and see the greatness you become.
  • Set the bar high, increase your vision, and become the rising tide that lifts all ships.


Belief and Expansion

Our beliefs shape our reality. By challenging our limitations and thinking bigger, we can expand our possibilities. Society often imposes its own limitations on us, but we have the power to break free from those constraints. By asking ourselves what is truly possible, we gain insights into our beliefs and open ourselves up to new opportunities. It’s important to remember that the process of growth starts with our thoughts, followed by actions, and then reinforcing those positive beliefs. When we believe in our potential and refuse to limit ourselves, we can achieve greatness.

Healing and Growth

Healing and growth go hand in hand. Through deep healing meditative breaths, we can align ourselves with the frequencies we desire in our lives. Once we recognize that we have the power to heal, the path to growth becomes clear. It’s not just about reaching a specific result; it’s about becoming the person we envision ourselves to be when we achieve our goals. True fulfillment comes from embracing the process and finding joy in every step. Sometimes, making a shift in our lives means letting go of people who do not support us, but it’s necessary for our own growth and happiness.

Community and Support

Building a supportive community is vital on our journey towards expansion. By sharing positive comments or episodes with others, we can inspire and uplift those around us. True love means wanting others to find their own paths, even if it means they may no longer include us. Surrounding ourselves with people who accept and support our growth allows us to shine and become the best versions of ourselves. It’s important to set high standards, increase our vision, and become a rising tide that lifts all ships.


Breaking through limiting beliefs and expanding in a positive light is a transformative journey. By challenging our beliefs, embracing healing and growth, and building a supportive community, we can create a life filled with possibilities. Remember, it’s not just about the end result, but also about the person we become along the way. So, give yourself the chance to live the life you desire and be the uplifting force that inspires others to rise with you.

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