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The Positive Mindset Podcast / How to reclaim your power and create positive energy around you. | The Positive Mindset Podcast

How to reclaim your power and create positive energy around you. | The Positive Mindset Podcast

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In this episode of “The Positive Mindset Podcast,” the host focuses on reclaiming personal power and creating positive energy. Listeners are guided through a meditation to align with their desired frequency and release negativity. The podcast aims to help individuals raise their vibration, shift their perspective, and develop a positive mindset.

Main Takeaways

Reclaiming Personal Power

  • Perceiving a situation from your higher self allows for a positive mindset.
  • A positive mindset is not about being happy, but about being close to love.
  • Separating from the self allows for a broader perspective beyond the current moment and how it affects you.
  • Negative experiences can lead to positive outcomes and can be seen as a gift to help others.
  • Expanding the love frequency and creating light in darkness leads to a new form of love and positive energy.

Shifting Perception

  • Everything is neutral; it’s our perception that gives it meaning.
  • Operating with the mindset that everything is happening for us to grow and learn can change how we feel.
  • Your perception is how you receive, so if you focus on negative things, you will see more negativity.
  • The external world does not control the internal; it’s a choice to feel a certain way.
  • Find the good in the world and make a choice to rise up and become the rising tide that lifts all ships.

Opportunities for Growth

  • Two ways to take the next step: one-on-one training or group coaching.
  • Group coaching program: Freedom Fundamentals, with coaching and mindset pieces, and focus on building wealth through real estate.
  • Instagram is the best way to reach out for more information on either program.
  • Apologies for missed messages in the past, but will be following up in the next few days.
  • The speaker is eager to connect and talk more next time.


Reclaiming Personal Power

By perceiving situations from our higher selves and separating from our ego, we can develop a positive mindset and align ourselves with love and abundance. Negative experiences can be seen as opportunities to help others and expand our capacity for love and positive energy.

Shifting Perception

Our perception shapes our reality. By recognizing that everything is neutral and that our mindset determines how we interpret events, we can choose to focus on the positive and see challenges as opportunities for growth. Taking control of our internal state allows us to find the good in the world and become a positive force that uplifts others.

Opportunities for Growth

The podcast offers two options for personal growth: one-on-one training and group coaching. The group coaching program, Freedom Fundamentals, combines coaching and mindset development with a focus on building wealth through real estate. Interested listeners can reach out via Instagram for more information. The speaker apologizes for any missed messages in the past and promises to follow up soon.


Reclaiming personal power and creating positive energy are essential steps in developing a positive mindset. By shifting our perception and choosing to focus on love and abundance, we can transform our lives and become a positive influence in the world. The host of “The Positive Mindset Podcast” invites listeners to engage with the podcast by leaving comments and sharing it to help it become the number one mindset podcast in the world.

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