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The Positive Mindset Podcast / How to revolutionize your life and create what you love! | The Positive Mindset Podcast

How to revolutionize your life and create what you love! | The Positive Mindset Podcast

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In this episode of “The Positive Mindset Podcast,” the speaker discusses how to revolutionize your life and create what you love. The podcast aims to help listeners raise their vibration, lift their perspective, and build a positive mindset. The speaker recommends Spotify for podcasters as a platform that has changed their life and allowed them to expand their reach and share their message. The episode begins with a healing, meditative breathing exercise to align with a chosen frequency and let go of negativity. Listeners are encouraged to share their feedback and takeaways on Spotify or YouTube.

Main Takeaways

The Power to Change Your Life

  • You have the power to change your life and internal state. Wherever you point the finger is where the power lies.
  • External factors can impact you, but you have the power to change your perspective and create your reality.
  • Negative thoughts and beliefs can create your reality, including the voice in your mind that says you can’t do something.
  • You are a powerful being with the ability to observe and create your reality, and your journey is just getting started.
  • We are powerful beings with meaning and purpose beyond the external world.

Expanding the Positive

  • Our internal state is always a choice, even in difficult situations.
  • Our ability to expand the positive directly reflects our internal state.
  • Our perception is our reception, what we see is what we can receive.
  • Everything happens for us, for our growth and expansion.
  • When you’re in a negative environment, you start relating to negative things, and it’s hard to stay positive.

The Power of Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you. Let go of the energy and move yourself to freedom.
  • Everything you pay attention to, speak about, or think about, you create more of in your life.
  • Make a mental shift to become the version of yourself you’re meant to be.


The Power to Change Your Life

The speaker emphasizes that individuals have the power to change their lives and internal state. By taking responsibility for their own thoughts and beliefs, they can shift their perspective and create their own reality. This realization empowers individuals to tap into their innate power and embark on a journey of growth and expansion.

Expanding the Positive

The podcast highlights the importance of maintaining a positive internal state. Despite external circumstances, individuals have the choice to cultivate positivity and expand their perspective. By actively choosing to focus on the positive aspects of life, individuals can attract more positivity and opportunities into their lives.

The Power of Forgiveness

The speaker discusses the transformative power of forgiveness. Forgiving others is not about condoning their actions; it is about releasing negative energy and freeing oneself from resentment. By practicing forgiveness, individuals can let go of emotional baggage and create space for personal growth and happiness. Additionally, the podcast emphasizes the role of attention and intention in shaping one’s reality. What individuals pay attention to, speak about, and think about has a direct impact on their experiences and outcomes.


This episode of “The Positive Mindset Podcast” reminds listeners of their inherent power to shape their lives and create what they love. By adopting a positive mindset, embracing forgiveness, and being intentional with their thoughts and actions, individuals can revolutionize their lives and manifest their dreams. Join the Freedom Fundamentals community for further personal growth in health, wealth, and happiness.

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