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In this episode of the “Jumpers Jump” podcast, the hosts discuss a wide range of topics, including the creative process, conspiracy theories about celebrities, the rise of country music, the world of Twitch streamers, therapy, and the power of communication. They also delve into fascinating stories and explore the importance of bravery and perspective. Join the hosts as they take you on an engaging and thought-provoking journey.

Main Takeaways

The Creative Process and Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

  • The desire to create is a central part of the artist’s identity
  • Being a consumer is not necessarily bad because it allows for staying up-to-date with trends
  • Taste makers like Rick Rubin offer valuable input in the creative process without necessarily being musicians or producers
  • Random chance can sometimes lead to unexpected and meaningful results, such as finding lyrics in a book
  • Taking advice from friends or outside sources can sometimes lead to positive outcomes, as seen in a reality show example
  • Tupac’s music still sounds relevant to this day and some believe he may still be alive
  • Lil Tay’s “death” was a marketing ploy and her parents may have put out the RIP message to end her internet presence
  • Lil Tay’s brother was planning something and her parents didn’t want her image on the internet for her protection
  • Lil Tay’s “death” was used to get people excited about her again and promote her music
  • Some believe that there may be at least five celebrities who are actually alive but believed to be dead

The Rise of Country Music and Twitch Streamers

  • Media is revamping old content and bringing back old characters
  • Celebrities who went off-grid may come back in the future
  • Samples have been used in music for a long time, but there could be a return of artists like Sean Kingston
  • Radio music is repetitive and not enjoyable to listen to
  • Country music has become the new pop music due to its chord progression
  • Morgan Wallen is a popular country singer who uses pop progressions in his music
  • Morgan Wallen makes country music look cool by wearing gold chains and dressing like a rockstar
  • Morgan Wallen’s entrance at concerts is like a UFC fighter’s entrance
  • The popularity of country music is triggering listeners’ brains and making them addicted to it
  • Twitch streamers and content creators have more opportunity to make it mainstream than actual rappers with talent.
  • Twitch streamers have a bigger viewership and more money than the news itself.
  • Japanese IRL streamer, Roll Ro Chan underscore 1999, did extreme stunts for fame, including running into traffic and standing on the edge of her roof.
  • Roll Ro Chan underscore 1999 was low key depressed and her last stream ended with her jumping off the roof.

The Power of Therapy and Communication

  • This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp for those feeling like their brain is getting in their own way.
  • Therapy helps you figure out what’s holding you back so you can work for yourself and not against yourself.
  • Talking with someone about your problems can help you break down what’s bothering you and help you see things clearly.
  • Therapy empowers you to be the best version of yourself and isn’t just for those who experience major trauma.
  • BetterHelp is an online therapy service that is convenient, flexible and suited to your schedule.
  • There are theories about why certain celebrities have certain mannerisms, such as Lil Durk’s “dark eyes” and Maxim’s hand gesture.
  • Soldiers can develop the Thousand Yard Stare after experiencing combat and loss
  • Rappers from gangs, like Lil Dirk, may exhibit this mannerism due to the violence they have witnessed in their environment
  • Misunderstandings and miscommunications can lead to fights and even the end of relationships
  • Social media beefs and online communication can exacerbate misunderstandings


The Creative Process and Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

The hosts explore the creative process and how random chance can lead to unexpected and meaningful results. They discuss the influence of taste makers like Rick Rubin and the value of taking advice from friends or outside sources. The topic of celebrity conspiracy theories arises, with a focus on Tupac’s enduring relevance and the possibility of celebrities faking their deaths, such as Lil Tay. The hosts speculate on the motivations behind Lil Tay’s “death” and discuss the belief that there may be other celebrities who are alive but believed to be dead.

The Rise of Country Music and Twitch Streamers

The hosts delve into the resurgence of country music, discussing its popularity due to its chord progression and the crossover success of artists like Morgan Wallen. They also highlight the growing influence of Twitch streamers and content creators, who often have larger viewerships and more financial success than traditional news outlets. The hosts share the extreme stunts of Japanese IRL streamer Roll Ro Chan underscore 1999 and discuss the dark side of seeking fame through dangerous actions.

The Power of Therapy and Communication

The episode is sponsored by BetterHelp, an online therapy service that emphasizes the importance of addressing mental health issues. The hosts discuss the benefits of therapy, including gaining insight into personal obstacles and improving communication skills. They explore theories about celebrities’ mannerisms and discuss the Thousand Yard Stare exhibited by soldiers and rappers from violent backgrounds. The hosts emphasize the significance of effective communication in relationships and the potential negative impact of social media beefs.


This episode of the “Jumpers Jump” podcast covers a wide range of intriguing topics, from the creative process and celebrity conspiracy theories to the rise of country music and the world of Twitch streamers. The hosts also emphasize the power of therapy and the importance of effective communication in personal and professional relationships. Join them on this engaging and thought-provoking journey as they explore fascinating stories and delve into the complexities of human experiences.

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