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My First Million / – Jesse Itzler’s Exact Playbook For Creating HIT AFTER HIT

My First Million – Jesse Itzler’s Exact Playbook For Creating HIT AFTER HIT

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In this episode of the “My First Million” podcast, Jesse Itzler, a successful entrepreneur, shares his life advice and business insights. With multiple successful companies under his belt, Itzler encourages entrepreneurs to think outside the box and take bold risks. The interview is packed with valuable takeaways and interesting stories, keeping the hosts engaged beyond the planned time. This episode is sponsored by HubSpot Sales Hub, a powerful platform for sales teams.

Main Takeaways

Creating Opportunities and Taking Risks

  • Think outside the box and take bold risks in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Approach big companies with unique offers, such as providing 10,000 countertops for their products.
  • Put yourself in situations where something incredible can happen.
  • Opportunities often present themselves unexpectedly, so be open to them.

Lessons from Jesse Itzler’s Life

  • Learn the difference between “can” and “will” when pursuing your goals.
  • Embrace pressure and privilege as valuable motivators.
  • Success is a result of the conversations you have with yourself and your mindset.
  • Most successes in life are unplanned opportunities that present themselves.

Building Successful Businesses

  • Identify gaps in the market and create your own opportunities.
  • Make personal connections and tell compelling stories to stand out in business.
  • Focus on quality of life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Manage sudden wealth by learning how to handle finances and making strategic decisions.

From Jingles to Private Jets

  • Start small and evolve your business based on opportunities that arise.
  • Recognize niches that others aren’t thinking about and capitalize on them.
  • Partner with successful businesses to leverage their credibility and resources.
  • Persistence and personal connections can lead to game-changing partnerships.

Exploring New Ventures

  • Identify untapped markets, such as the pickle industry, and create innovative products.
  • Find creative ways to stand out and make big meetings memorable.
  • Prioritize experiences and amazing relationships over financial gains.
  • Maintain authentic relationships through personalized gestures and genuine interactions.


Jesse Itzler’s Life Lessons and Business Insights

Jesse Itzler, a successful entrepreneur, shares valuable life lessons and business insights in this engaging podcast episode. He emphasizes the importance of thinking outside the box and taking bold risks in entrepreneurship. Itzler’s personal experiences highlight the significance of the “will vs. can” mindset and the value of pressure and privilege. He encourages entrepreneurs to create their own opportunities and build personal connections through storytelling. Itzler’s journey from jingles to private jets showcases the power of recognizing niches and leveraging partnerships. He also explores new ventures, such as the pickle industry, and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing experiences and maintaining authentic relationships.


Jesse Itzler’s interview on the “My First Million” podcast provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs looking to succeed in business. By embracing risks, creating opportunities, and maintaining a positive mindset, Itzler has built multiple successful companies. His experiences highlight the importance of personal connections, storytelling, and recognizing untapped markets. Ultimately, Itzler’s philosophy of maximizing incredible experiences and amazing relationships resonates as a key driver of success.

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