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Pivot / – AI Summit, U.S. v. Google, and Drew Barrymore Backlash

Pivot – AI Summit, U.S. v. Google, and Drew Barrymore Backlash

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In this episode of the “Pivot” podcast, hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss a range of topics including the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out, Google’s antitrust trial, Apple’s recent event, the ongoing writers’ strike, and the AI Summit attended by tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. They also touch on the importance of networking, the role of media in society, and the need for regulation in the AI space.

Main Takeaways

Fast Food Controversy

  • The Chick-fil-A controversy involved charitable donations to anti-LGBTQ organizations, but the company has since made major changes to its foundation and management team, which is more progressive than many companies.
  • In-N-Out also faces controversy for their political donations, but their popularity remains strong.

Google’s Antitrust Trial

  • Google is facing an antitrust trial, accused of abusing its power and killing competition.
  • The trial is expected to last three months and could have significant implications for the tech industry.

Apple’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Apple showcased their efforts towards sustainability at a recent event, including carbon-neutral offices and a video featuring Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature.
  • The new iPhones feature better cameras and USB-C charging, but the company’s stock dropped after the event.

Writers’ Strike in the Entertainment Industry

  • The ongoing writers’ strike is causing uncertainty in the entertainment industry, with some writers and producers considering going back to work.
  • Bill Maher and Drew Barrymore have different perceptions of the strike, with Barrymore facing backlash for returning to work.

AI Summit and Regulation

  • Tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg attended a closed-door AI forum, discussing topics such as open source models and privacy.
  • There are differing opinions on the timeline and approach to regulating AI, but action is needed to prevent manipulation and propaganda.


Controversy in the Fast Food Industry

The hosts discuss the controversies surrounding Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out, both of which have faced criticism for their political donations. While Chick-fil-A has made changes to be more progressive, In-N-Out remains popular despite the controversy.

Google’s Antitrust Trial and Apple’s Sustainability Efforts

The hosts delve into Google’s antitrust trial, highlighting the accusations against the company and the potential implications for the tech industry. They also discuss Apple’s recent event, where the company showcased their sustainability efforts and new iPhones.

The Ongoing Writers’ Strike and AI Summit

The hosts explore the impact of the ongoing writers’ strike in the entertainment industry, with differing opinions on whether it will have a significant impact. They also discuss the AI Summit attended by tech giants, highlighting the importance of regulation in the AI space.


This episode of “Pivot” covers a range of topics, from fast food controversies to tech industry trials and sustainability efforts. It provides insights into the challenges and debates surrounding these issues, highlighting the need for progress and regulation in various sectors.

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