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SmartLess / – Listen Now: Sports Explains the World

SmartLess – Listen Now: Sports Explains the World

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In this episode of “SmartLess” titled “Sports Explains the World,” the hosts delve into surprising and wild sports stories that go beyond on-field glory or comebacks. They discuss pranks pulled by Kirin Morris and a group of teenagers that exposed shady elites and fooled journalists. The consequences of these pranks are both humorous and thought-provoking.

Main Takeaways

Pranks by Kirin Morris

  • Morris pranked a team by inflating a player’s stats on Wikipedia.
  • These pranks had a deeper meaning, exposing shady elites.

Teenagers’ Fake Transfer Rumors

  • A group of teenagers spread fake transfer rumors about a Honduran footballer named Alex Lopez.
  • They gave him a fake makeover, boosting his career goals to 11 and assists to 20.
  • They also arranged fake trials for him at big clubs like Napoli, Malaga, and Tottenham Hotspur.
  • The fake story was printed by one of the biggest newspapers in the UK, the Times of London.
  • A year later, an American MLS club, the Houston Dynamo, signed a player with the same stats as Alex Lopez for a transfer fee of 1 million dollars.


Pranks by Kirin Morris

Kirin Morris, known for his pranks, decided to expose shady elites by inflating a player’s stats on Wikipedia. This prank aimed to highlight the influence of false information and manipulation in the sports world. By making the player appear more successful than he actually was, Morris shed light on the deceptive practices that can occur behind the scenes.

Teenagers’ Fake Transfer Rumors

A group of teenagers took pranks to another level by spreading fake transfer rumors about Alex Lopez, a Honduran footballer. They not only created a fabricated story but also gave him a fake makeover, enhancing his performance statistics. The teenagers even arranged fake trials at renowned clubs, fooling journalists and ultimately leading to the story being published by the prestigious Times of London. The consequences of their prank became apparent when an American MLS club signed a player with the same inflated stats, highlighting the potential impact of false information on real-world decisions.


The “Sports Explains the World” episode of “SmartLess” reveals the intriguing and sometimes surprising ways in which sports can impact society. Through pranks and manipulation, individuals can expose hidden truths and challenge the credibility of influential institutions. It serves as a reminder that sports stories extend far beyond the field, providing insights into larger societal issues.

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