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Stuff You Should Know / – Selects: What’s the deal with Stradivarius violins?

Stuff You Should Know – Selects: What’s the deal with Stradivarius violins?

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In this episode of “Stuff You Should Know,” the hosts delve into the fascinating world of Stradivarius violins. They explore the history, craftsmanship, and mystique surrounding these iconic instruments. Join them as they uncover the secrets behind the legendary sound and value of Stradivarius violins.

Main Takeaways

Are Stradivarius Violins Better?

  • Debate over whether Stradivarius violins are truly superior or if it’s just a brand name
  • Comparison between Stradivarius violins and other violins
  • The craftsmanship and sound quality of Stradivarius violins
  • Distinctive features of Stradivarius violins

History and Evolution of the Violin

  • The origins of the violin and its early reputation
  • The role of Catherine Dimadici in elevating the status of the violin
  • Cremona, Italy as the center of stringed instrument production
  • The design and components of a violin

The Legacy of Antonio Stradivari

  • Antonio Stradivari’s apprenticeship and rise as a renowned violin maker
  • The golden period of Stradivari’s career and his innovations
  • The significance of Stradivarius violins in the world of music
  • The rarity and value of Stradivarius violins

Myths and Legends Surrounding Stradivarius Violins

  • Examination of theories about the unique qualities of Stradivarius violins
  • Debunking of popular myths, such as the influence of dragon’s blood and cream anise varnish
  • Insights from violin experts and musicians on the magic of Stradivarius violins


Stradivarius Violins: Unraveling the Mystery

Are Stradivarius violins truly superior or just a product of branding? The hosts of “Stuff You Should Know” explore this question and take listeners on a journey through the history and craftsmanship of these iconic instruments. They discuss the evolution of the violin, from its humble beginnings to its esteemed status in the world of music. Cremona, Italy emerges as the epicenter of stringed instrument production, thanks to the Amade family’s contributions. Antonio Stradivari, a pupil of Nicola Amade, becomes the renowned violin maker of his time. The hosts delve into the distinctive features and design of Stradivarius violins, highlighting their unparalleled craftsmanship and sound quality. They debunk popular myths surrounding these instruments, shedding light on the true factors that contribute to their unique sound. Despite advancements in technology, replicating the sound of a Stradivarius violin remains a challenge. The episode concludes with a discussion on the rarity and value of these instruments, emphasizing their importance in the world of music.


Through an exploration of the history, craftsmanship, and myths surrounding Stradivarius violins, this episode of “Stuff You Should Know” offers listeners a deeper understanding of these legendary instruments. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply curious about the secrets behind their extraordinary sound, this episode provides an engaging and informative journey into the world of Stradivarius violins.

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