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Ted Talks Daily / – A flavorful field guide to foraging | Alexis Nikole Nelson

Ted Talks Daily – A flavorful field guide to foraging | Alexis Nikole Nelson

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In this episode of Ted Talks Daily, foraging enthusiast and vegan Alexis Nicole Nelson shares her passion for identifying, collecting, and eating wild food. She provides tips and tricks for expanding our palates, introduces the concept of foraged foods, and demonstrates how to make delicious sweet and salty kelp chips.

Main Takeaways

The Art of Foraging

  • Foraging is the art of identifying, collecting, and eating wild food.
  • Foraged foods are often healthier than their grocery store counterparts.
  • Breeding foods for easier travel and milder taste can reduce their nutritional value.

Exploring Wild Vegan Foods

  • Alexis Nicole Nelson shares tips and tricks for getting people to expand their palette and try wild vegan foods.
  • Seaweed and sea vegetables are future-minded food options that don’t require fresh water, fertilizer, or land.
  • Bull kelp, a type of seaweed, is a great source of protein for vegans, containing 15.3% protein by weight.

Creating Connection and Encouraging Change

  • Introducing people to wild foods in their area fosters a connection to their food instead of shame.
  • Explaining the unsustainability of our current way of eating can encourage more thoughtful choices.
  • Using dishes that are authentic to the new foods can help skeptical eaters try new things.
  • Sharing a snack and extending compassion can inspire people to make significant changes in their lives.

Foraging as an Outdoor Adventure

  • Foraging for food can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and try new dishes.
  • Saucer magnolia petals are edible and can be pickled or used in snap cookies.
  • Getting started in foraging can be done by going out with someone familiar with the spaces or joining a local foraging Facebook group.
  • INaturalist is a helpful tool for understanding the environment and biodiversity around you.

Foraging as a Tradition and Necessity

  • Foraging has become popular during the pandemic as a way to reconnect with nature.
  • Foraging is unlikely to become a sustainable way of living for everyone due to its time-consuming nature.
  • Foraging has been a tradition and necessity for our ancestors and is likely to outlast the trend.

Connect with Alexis Nicole Nelson

  • Alexis Nicole Nelson can be found on TikTok at Alexis Nicole and on Instagram at BlackForager.
  • She expresses gratitude to the host for the opportunity to speak and enjoyed the experience.


Discovering the World of Foraging

Alexis Nicole Nelson introduces the art of foraging, highlighting the health benefits of wild foods compared to store-bought options. She emphasizes the importance of preserving the nutritional value of foods and shares her expertise on wild vegan foods, particularly seaweed and sea vegetables. By fostering a connection to food and explaining the unsustainability of current eating habits, she encourages individuals to make more thoughtful choices. Nelson also provides practical tips for getting started in foraging and highlights the role of foraging as a tradition and necessity. She concludes by sharing her social media handles for further exploration.


Alexis Nicole Nelson’s passion for foraging and wild vegan foods shines through in this episode. By embracing foraged foods, we can not only enjoy healthier options but also reconnect with nature and honor our ancestral traditions. Nelson’s tips and tricks, along with her delicious kelp chip demonstration, inspire us to expand our palates and make more sustainable choices. So, let’s venture into the world of foraging and discover the abundance of flavors waiting to be explored.

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