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The Ben Shapiro Show / – Ep. 1815 – Trump Jumps To Massive Poll Lead Over Biden

The Ben Shapiro Show – Ep. 1815 – Trump Jumps To Massive Poll Lead Over Biden

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In this episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Ben discusses the latest poll numbers showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 10 points. He analyzes the implications of these poll results and explores the potential strategies for both candidates in the upcoming 2024 election.

Main Takeaways

Trump’s Poll Lead

  • Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 10 points in the latest Washington Post-Pole.
  • If Donald Trump’s ceiling is 50-51%, the unelectability argument against him goes away.
  • The Washington Post has labeled its own poll an outlier, but even if it’s off by the margin of error, it still undercuts the unelectability argument against Trump.

Democratic Party Divisions

  • Biden and Trump appear headed for a rematch of their 2020 contest, but more than three and five Democrats and Democratic-leading independents would prefer a nominee other than Biden.
  • There is a possibility that bad polling for Biden is leading up to an attempt to defenestrate him and find someone else to replace him.

Economic Policies and Job Growth

  • Despite economic pressures, Biden’s presidency has created more than 13 million jobs, the most in American history.
  • Biden’s generational infrastructure bill is underway, but it will take time to see its full benefits.

Immigration and Labor Shortages

  • Joe Biden’s economic policies have exacerbated serious problems in the American economy.
  • Inflationary policies have worsened a labor shortage caused by demographic collapse.
  • Labor shortages are turning into a long-term crisis that could push wages and turnover higher.

Trump’s Election Play

  • Trump’s best election play is to look at how things were from 2017 to 2019.
  • The only person who can really defeat Trump is Trump, not Biden.
  • Trump is a “mud monster” and mudslinging won’t work against him.

Media and Freedom of Speech

  • Democrats are trying to censor shows that they disagree with.
  • Real Clear Politics poll shows that 34% of Democratic voters believe Americans have “too much freedom” compared to only 15% of Republicans.
  • 75% of Democrats believe the government has a responsibility to limit “hateful” social media posts, while only 50% of Republicans feel the same.

International Relations and Ukraine

  • President Zelensky of Ukraine has been stepping on a lot of toes because he thinks he has the moral high ground with regard to Russia.
  • There should be a back channel between the United States and Russia to negotiate a deal for Ukraine, including security guarantees from the West in case of a future invasion.
  • Support for the war in Ukraine is fading, and the US is funding more than just military support.


Trump’s Poll Lead and Democratic Party Divisions

Recent polls show a competitive race between Trump and Biden, with Trump leading in some polls and margins of error in others. However, even if the polls are outliers, Biden’s polling numbers are still terrible across the board. The Democratic Party base does not want Biden, but the elite understand that replacing him could lead to an all-out war.

Economic Policies, Immigration, and Labor Shortages

Biden’s economic policies have created jobs, but they have also exacerbated labor shortages and inflation. The solution to the demographic problem is to increase productivity by allowing innovative people to innovate and make money. However, Biden’s administration is implementing policies that exacerbate the stagnation problem, such as using open borders to bring in cheap labor from illegal immigrants.

Trump’s Election Play and Media Landscape

Trump’s best election play is to focus on his previous accomplishments and avoid mudslinging. The majority of Americans don’t trust legacy media, and Democrats are trying to censor shows they disagree with. The divide between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of freedom of speech and government control of social media is significant.

International Relations and Ukraine

President Zelensky of Ukraine is trying to assert Ukraine’s moral high ground with regard to Russia, but tensions with Poland and other EU nations are rising. Support for the war in Ukraine is fading, and the US is funding more than military support, including subsidies for small businesses to keep the economy afloat.


The latest poll numbers showing Trump’s lead over Biden highlight the divisions within the Democratic Party and the challenges Biden faces in consolidating his base. Biden’s economic policies, immigration stance, and handling of international relations are all subjects of criticism. As the 2024 election approaches, both candidates will need to strategize to secure victory.

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