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The Bugle / – Cormack McCarthy’s Spring Break

The Bugle – Cormack McCarthy’s Spring Break

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In this episode of “The Bugle” podcast titled “Cormack McCarthy’s Spring Break,” the hosts discuss a wide range of topics including the end of a writers’ strike, Rupert Murdoch’s retirement, the opening of the Gates of Hell, environmental debates, the thriving rhino population, Joe Biden’s actions, NASA’s asteroid mission, and upcoming comedy tour dates. Comedian Andy Zaltzman also shares information about the show’s voluntary subscription scheme and a new monthly show called “Ask Andy.”

Main Takeaways

Writers’ Strike and Ian Smith’s Loss

  • The Roger’s Guild of America and the Alliance of Studios have reached a tentative agreement, ending a 146-day strike.
  • 11,000 writers are expected to unleash a geyser of excitement and quality in their writing.
  • Ian Smith lost all three of his Edinburgh Festival award nominations, but remains a serial loser on The Bugle.
  • Ian may be auditioning for a role in the CBB’s animated series, Doug Squad.
  • In’s last performance on The Bugle in May featured him panicking about his Edinburgh show, but he ended up doing well.

Rupert Murdoch’s Retirement and Environmental Debates

  • Rupert Murdoch, the former boss of Fox and Newscore, is stepping down and the speaker speculates on what he might do next.
  • Murdoch is known for being in charge of News Corp when The Bugle podcast launched, but did not have a hands-on role.
  • Rishi Sunak announced rollbacks of British environmental commitments, delaying the phase out of gas boilers and petrol cars.
  • Sunak is scrapping things that were never going to happen and presenting himself as a hero for stopping them.
  • Politicians making up things that weren’t going to happen and presenting themselves as heroes is probably the best way to get an electorate enthusiastic.

The Gates of Hell and Environmental Concerns

  • The Gates of Hell have been officially opened, according to the UN Secretary General.
  • Humanity is heading towards a dangerous and unstable world.
  • Climate change is an apt metaphor for the opening of the Gates of Hell.
  • Diplomats invoking biblical imagery is alarming.
  • Dubai hosting a climate summit seems like a result of bribery.

Rhino Population and Environmental Trade-offs

  • One animal that is thriving was not mentioned, leaving listeners curious.
  • Rhino population has increased to 27,000, but this may not necessarily be good news.
  • Rhinoceros are an evolutionary threat to humans.
  • The idea of a global Rhino quota is suggested.
  • The conservation goal is to have the “Rewaperus” (Rhino Whopper) on Burger King’s menu.

Joe Biden’s Actions and American Politics

  • Joe Biden’s recent actions have been criticized and compared to Donald Trump’s approach of being wrong on purpose.
  • Biden needs to pick a lane and keep it sharp, but he also seems kind of normal for a man of his age.
  • Biden’s approval rating is 37%, but the poll has been criticized for using an unrepresented sample of Americans.
  • Trump winning by a 10% margin seems highly unlikely, and if he retakes the presidency, it’ll be through cheating.

NASA’s Asteroid Mission and Comedy Tour Dates

  • NASA successfully stole a bit of an asteroid and brought the samples back, which is very exciting news for fans of little bits of asteroid.
  • The mission resulted in the biggest sample of an asteroid ever being removed from space.
  • There are concerns about what is being brought back from space, as contamination is a risk.
  • Comedian Andy Zaltzman shares his upcoming stand-up comedy tour dates in Milwaukee, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis.
  • He mentions being on the news quiz, which is available on BBC Sounds and other podcast platforms.

The Bugle Voluntary Subscription Scheme

  • The Bugle voluntary subscription scheme offers a new monthly show called “Ask Andy,” where listeners can submit questions to Andy Zaltzman.
  • The email address for submitting questions is [email protected].
  • The Bugle voluntary subscription scheme helps keep the show free, flourishing, and independent.


The End of the Writers’ Strike and Environmental Concerns

The episode begins with the news that the Roger’s Guild of America and the Alliance of Studios have reached a tentative agreement, ending a 146-day writers’ strike. This is expected to unleash a geyser of excitement and quality in the writing industry. The hosts also discuss the opening of the Gates of Hell, as declared by the UN Secretary General, and the alarming use of biblical imagery by diplomats. They raise concerns about climate change and the environmental trade-offs involved. The thriving rhino population is mentioned, but its implications for humans and the suggestion of a global Rhino quota are explored. The hosts also delve into the recent actions of Joe Biden and the state of American politics, comparing them to Donald Trump’s approach. Lastly, they share the exciting news of NASA’s successful asteroid mission and comedian Andy Zaltzman’s upcoming comedy tour dates. They also highlight The Bugle’s voluntary subscription scheme and the new monthly show “Ask Andy.”


Through a mix of humor and insightful commentary, “The Bugle” podcast covers a variety of topics including the end of a writers’ strike, environmental concerns, political actions, and exciting scientific achievements. Listeners are entertained and informed as they explore current events and engage with the hosts’ witty banter. With its voluntary subscription scheme, the show continues to thrive and provide independent content to its dedicated audience.

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