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The Daily Stoic / – Don’t Be A Snob

The Daily Stoic – Don’t Be A Snob

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In this episode of “The Daily Stoic” podcast, the focus is on the importance of self-discipline and the Stoic philosophy of not judging or lording over others. The host also highlights the book “Discipline is Destiny” and its emphasis on self-discipline. The podcast is available early and ad-free on Amazon Music and Wondering Plus in Apple podcasts.

Main Takeaways

The Power of Self-Discipline

  • The Stoics believed only in self-discipline
  • Self-discipline is about being the master of yourself
  • The book “Discipline is Destiny” emphasizes self-discipline

Avoiding Judgment and Superiority

  • We should not judge or lord over others


The Power of Self-Discipline

The Stoics believed that true strength and fulfillment come from self-discipline. By mastering ourselves and our desires, we can achieve inner peace and live a virtuous life. The book “Discipline is Destiny” further explores this concept, highlighting the importance of self-discipline in achieving our goals and shaping our destiny.

Avoiding Judgment and Superiority

Another key aspect of Stoic philosophy is the idea of not judging or lording over others. Instead of placing ourselves above others, we should approach everyone with humility and understanding. This mindset allows us to cultivate empathy and foster better relationships with those around us.


By embracing self-discipline and avoiding judgment and superiority, we can lead more fulfilling and virtuous lives. The Stoic philosophy reminds us of the importance of personal growth and treating others with respect and empathy. Tune in to “The Daily Stoic” podcast to dive deeper into these timeless teachings.

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