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The Daily Stoic / – Don’t Underestimate This | Ask DS

The Daily Stoic – Don’t Underestimate This | Ask DS

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In this episode of “The Daily Stoic” podcast, the host discusses the importance of making consistent progress in life and pursuing meaningful endeavors. He shares personal anecdotes and insights to inspire listeners to take action and create their own unique paths to success.

Main Takeaways

Seneca’s Advice for Progress

  • Seneca advised his friend Lucilius to do one thing each day that moves his life forward.
  • Small, consistent contributions can lead to significant progress.

Making Progress Amidst Challenges

  • Paul Kicks wrote a book and worked full-time with two newborns by making progress each day.
  • Kicks’ course, The Storytelling You, can help writers make progress and achieve their goals.
  • Daily Stoic subscribers can earn double their investment in Kicks’ course through a special offer.

Embracing Diversified Interests

  • The speaker’s path to becoming a writer was not a straight line; he was also interested in marketing and pursued both careers concurrently before focusing on writing about philosophical ideas.
  • The speaker believes in having a diversified portfolio of interests and pursuits to inform the main thing.
  • People should be careful not to buy into the narratives of others who claim to have had a clear and certain path to success.

Choosing a Meaningful Path

  • It can be challenging to make decisions when things are going well, but it’s important to have a sense of what you want your life to look like in the long term.
  • It’s easy to default to decisions that are financially lucrative but may take you far from where you want to be.
  • Pursuing something meaningful to you, even if it’s not popular or exciting to others, can lead to fulfilling outcomes.

The Power of Uniqueness

  • Finding something that turns on a light for you is rare and special.
  • Everyone is unique and unprecedented in all of human history.
  • Competition is for losers; being the only one doing something is winning.
  • Being unique inside the space that you are in is important.
  • Iron Maiden’s lead singer’s quote: “You can only plow one field at a time.”
  • You’re not in the space, you’re in your own space that only you are in, and that is why you stand out.
  • If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then it is a commodity and it is a race to the bottom to see who can charge the least amount.

Recommended Podcast

  • “Six Trophies” podcast by Wondering: “finding the best, most interesting, most compelling NBA storylines and handing out six pop culture theme trophies for six basketball-related activities.”


Embracing Progress and Purpose

Seneca’s advice to make daily progress serves as a reminder that small consistent actions can lead to significant achievements. Paul Kicks’ story exemplifies the power of making progress amidst challenges, and his course offers valuable guidance for writers. The speaker’s journey highlights the importance of embracing diversified interests and not being swayed by others’ narratives of success. Choosing a meaningful path, even if it diverges from conventional norms, can lead to fulfillment. Finally, the power of uniqueness and standing out in one’s own space is emphasized, as it allows for genuine success and avoids the pitfalls of conformity. The recommended podcast, “Six Trophies,” offers an engaging exploration of NBA storylines.


By following Seneca’s advice and embracing progress, diversification, and uniqueness, listeners can forge their own paths to success and fulfillment. It is essential to prioritize personal growth, make purposeful decisions, and stay true to oneself in order to create a meaningful and impactful life.

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