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The Daily Stoic / – Dr. Peter Attia On The Philosophy and Quality Of Life (Part 1)

The Daily Stoic – Dr. Peter Attia On The Philosophy and Quality Of Life (Part 1)

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In this episode of “The Daily Stoic” podcast, renowned figure Dr. Peter Attia discusses philosophy and quality of life, drawing from his extensive experience working with elite performers and leaders. Dr. Attia shares insights from his latest book, “Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity,” and explores the importance of routines, the benefits of being in nature, and the mindset required for success in activities like hunting, archery, and writing.

Main Takeaways

Routines and Flexibility

  • Dr. Attia’s routine usually involves archery in the morning.
  • Routine can become a security blanket, causing distress if not followed.
  • There is rigidity around the morning workout, but flexibility around the Ruck.
  • Insisting on a walk can be maladaptive as kids get older.

Benefits of Being in Nature

  • Exercise is viewed as a mental health exercise rather than just physical exercise.
  • Being outside in nature has benefits beyond just physical exercise.
  • Lack of straight lines and right angles in nature can be beneficial for mental health.
  • Being present in nature can lead to a heightened sense of awareness.

Hunting and Awareness

  • Hunting can help improve senses and awareness over time.
  • Being attuned to the environment is evolutionarily beneficial.
  • Hunting in an environment where you are both the hunter and the hunted requires heightened awareness and attunement.
  • Hunting in a group alleviates anxiety and creates a sense of connection and unity.

Closed Loop Thinking

  • Closed loop thinking is essential for success in archery, shooting, and writing.
  • Focusing on the process, not the outcome, is key to closed loop thinking.
  • The more you think about the outcome, the fewer cognitive resources you have for the task.
  • Editing and removing unnecessary material is a positive creative act in writing.

Perfectionism and Identity

  • Perfectionism can be a major obstacle to finishing projects.
  • Addressing perfectionism can feel like an attack on one’s identity.
  • Perfectionism may be a dangerous addiction that is rewarded externally.
  • Brain chemistry plays a role in perfectionism.


Philosophy, Routines, and Nature

Dr. Peter Attia, a renowned figure in the world of elite performers and leaders, shares insights on philosophy and quality of life. He emphasizes the importance of routines, highlighting the benefits of incorporating activities like archery and exercise in nature. Dr. Attia explains how being in nature can enhance mental health and awareness, drawing parallels between hunting and heightened senses. He also discusses the concept of closed loop thinking, focusing on the process rather than the outcome, which is crucial for success in activities like archery, shooting, and writing.

Overcoming Perfectionism and Identity

Dr. Attia delves into the challenges of perfectionism and its impact on creative endeavors. He shares personal experiences of struggling with perfectionism while writing his book on longevity. Addressing perfectionism can feel like an attack on one’s identity, but Dr. Attia highlights the importance of reframing success and finding joy in the process. He explores the dangers of perfectionism as an addiction and the role of brain chemistry in fueling this behavior. Ultimately, he encourages embracing imperfections and recognizing the value of removing unnecessary material in creative pursuits.


Dr. Peter Attia’s insights on philosophy, routines, nature, closed loop thinking, and overcoming perfectionism offer valuable perspectives for enhancing quality of life and achieving success in various domains. By embracing the process, finding balance, and letting go of perfectionism, individuals can cultivate a healthier mindset and experience greater fulfillment in their personal and professional endeavors.

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