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The History of Rome / – 544 Chick Tracts

The History of Rome – 544- Chick Tracts

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In this episode of “The History of Rome” podcast, we delve into the fascinating world of Chick Tracts, small Christian comic books that have had a significant impact on popular culture. We explore the origins of these controversial comics, their creator Jack T. Chick, and their enduring legacy.

Main Takeaways

The Origins of Chick Tracts

  • In 1972, a man gave 9-year-old David Daniels a Christian comic book called a chick-tract.
  • Chick-tracts were small Christian comic books that fit in the palm of your hand and contained Bible verses.
  • The chick-tract that David received was about a man who dies suddenly and is judged by God for his sins.
  • The man who gave David the chick-tract led him in a prayer to become a Christian, which changed his life.
  • David became obsessed with collecting chick-tracts and would travel across town to buy them from a Christian bookstore.

The Controversial Nature of Chick Tracts

  • Chick-Tracks were popular Christian comics in the 80s that have sold over 1 billion copies worldwide.
  • There are 270 different Chick-Tracks that feature black and white Christian horror stories with controversial themes.
  • The tracks have been both preserved as American religious artifacts and condemned as hate speech due to their content.
  • Jack T. Chick, the creator of Chick-Tracks, was a war veteran who converted to Christianity in his twenties.
  • Jack’s almost mythic origin story began when his conservative in-laws introduced him to Christian radio, leading to his conversion.

Jack Chick and His Mission

  • Jack Chick was introduced to Christian radio by his conservative in-laws, leading to his conversion.
  • Charles Fuller’s Revival Hour was one of the most popular programs on air in North America in the late 1940s.
  • Jack Chick’s conversion inspired him to change nearly everything about his life, including giving up his dream of becoming a movie star.
  • Jack Chick was a mainstream cartoonist who was growing deeper in his faith, but was unhappy with the phonies in his church.
  • Jack Chick was inspired by Charles Finney’s book “Power From On High” to seek revival and spark a lit in his church.

The Controversial Themes of Chick Tracts

  • Jack used his characteristic art to point out that something needs to change in the world.
  • Jack’s first track “Wino Revival” was a scathing critique of his own church, depicting them as lazy and selfish hypocrites.
  • Jack got the idea of using comics to reach non-Christians from Maoist revolutionary comics that were used to spread propaganda in China.
  • Jack saw himself as a soldier in a holy war, motivated by his hatred of the social changes of the 1960s and aimed to rattle the cage by including anything associated with sorcery or the occult in his work.
  • His comics targeted Ouija boards, witches, heavy metal, Satan, and Halloween, among others.

The Impact and Legacy of Chick Tracts

  • Chick tracks were great tools for shy Christians who found it hard to evangelize to complete strangers.
  • American evangelicals saw chick tracks as vital tools for witnessing abroad.
  • In the 1970s, evangelicals became more interested in a kind of countercultural feel to the things that they’re doing, making Jack’s little Christian comic books relevant and accessible to a wider and younger audience.
  • Chick tracks have a broad reach as they are often passed from person to person.
  • Chick Publications is still going strong today, even after Jack Chick’s death in 2016, with many missionaries still ordering from the company.


The Origins and Controversies of Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts originated in the 1970s as small Christian comic books that aimed to spread the message of Christianity. These comics were often given out as evangelization tools and contained Bible verses. However, their controversial content, which targeted various groups and topics such as the occult, Halloween, and homosexuality, has led to them being both celebrated as American religious artifacts and condemned as hate speech.

Jack Chick: The Creator and His Mission

Jack T. Chick, the creator of Chick Tracts, was a war veteran who converted to Christianity in his twenties. Inspired by Christian radio programs and books, he sought to spark a revival in his church and challenge societal changes through his comics. Jack Chick saw himself as a soldier in a holy war, using his art to critique and provoke change. His unique approach and controversial themes garnered both praise and criticism.

The Impact and Legacy of Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts had a significant impact on popular culture, particularly among evangelical Christians. They provided a means for shy Christians to evangelize and were seen as vital tools for spreading the message of Christianity abroad. Despite the controversies surrounding them, Chick Tracts continue to be distributed and collected today, with Chick Publications remaining a prominent source for missionaries.


The history of Chick Tracts is a testament to the power of art and storytelling in spreading religious messages. Whether viewed as quaint relics or provocative works, these small Christian comic books have left an indelible mark on popular culture and continue to spark discussions and debates.

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