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The Ramsey Show / – The Best Calls of the Year (So Far)

The Ramsey Show – The Best Calls of the Year (So Far)

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In this episode of “The Ramsey Show,” Dave Ramsey and co-host Dr. John Deloney help callers navigate various financial and relationship challenges. They provide practical advice on building wealth, finding fulfilling work, and creating meaningful relationships.

Main Takeaways

Relationship Advice

  • Elizabeth has been with her partner for 7 years and wants to get married, but he refuses.
  • Dr. Deloney suggests that her partner is afraid of commitment and values his illusion of singleness over their relationship.
  • Dr. Deloney recommends that Elizabeth considers her future and whether she wants to continue in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value her.
  • Women’s net worth often goes down after splitting up, while men’s net worth goes up.
  • Elizabeth can plan her escape by getting her career tooled up and making some serious money, then making decisions from strength rather than weakness.
  • It’s not uncommon for someone in Elizabeth’s situation to be told that their feelings and concerns are dumb, and after almost a decade, they come to believe it.
  • Elizabeth’s children have a ringside seat to what a mom and a wife are supposed to accept as reality, so she can be a warrior princess and show them what strength looks like.
  • Single mothers can be some of the most powerful people, and their work ethic can inspire their children to become successful.

Financial Advice

  • Paying children for work they did not actually do is not justifiable and could lead to legal issues.
  • Common sense should be used when determining if a child is actually working and can be paid accordingly.
  • Waiting until children are older to start the process of paying them for work is fine.
  • When paying children for work, a tax return must be filed for each child, and market value or slightly above market value must be paid.
  • Teaching kids entrepreneurship is a great idea, but timing is important.
  • If you’re debt-free and have a down payment saved, it’s a good time to buy a house regardless of interest rates.
  • Interest rates are currently low, but there’s no guarantee they will stay that way.
  • When buying a house, it’s important to consider your income and not overextend yourself financially.
  • Use career assessments like Git Clear to determine how to best grow in your career.
  • There are four types of work in the world: people work, ideal work, process work, and objects or things.
  • To be fulfilled in your career, find work that allows you to use your people skills.
  • Health isn’t only about longevity, it’s about quality of life, and eating fruits and vegetables is a fundamental part of that.
  • Paying off personal debt and mortgages before investing in real estate is crucial to reducing risk and accumulating cash flow.
  • A prenuptial agreement can be beneficial in situations where there is a vast disparity between the net worth of the two people getting married.
  • Having an ID theft protection plan is essential in today’s digital world.
  • Be debt-free and have 3-6 months of expenses saved before buying a home.
  • Consider taking on extra work to clean up the financial mess quickly.
  • Consider doing Uber Eats delivery at night for extra income.
  • Having a plan for what happens to jointly owned property is important.


Relationship Advice: Prioritizing Self-Worth and Empowering Single Mothers

Dr. Deloney provides valuable insights for Elizabeth, who wants to get married but is facing resistance from her partner. He suggests that her partner’s fear of commitment and prioritization of singleness may indicate a lack of value for their relationship. Dr. Deloney encourages Elizabeth to consider her future and whether she wants to continue in a relationship where she isn’t valued. He emphasizes the importance of self-worth and empowerment, especially for single mothers, whose work ethic can inspire their children to achieve success.

Financial Advice: Teaching Children About Work and Making Wise Financial Decisions

Dave Ramsey and Dr. Deloney discuss the importance of teaching children about work and financial responsibility. They advise against paying children for work they didn’t actually do, as it can lead to legal issues. Instead, they suggest waiting until children are older and using common sense to determine appropriate payment. They also emphasize the significance of paying off personal debt and mortgages before investing in real estate to reduce risk and accumulate cash flow. Additionally, they highlight the benefits of prenuptial agreements, ID theft protection plans, and proper financial planning before buying a home.


On “The Ramsey Show,” Dave Ramsey and Dr. John Deloney provide valuable advice on relationships, finances, and personal growth. Listeners can learn how to prioritize self-worth, empower themselves, and make wise financial decisions to build wealth and create meaningful relationships. By following their guidance, individuals can navigate challenges, achieve financial success, and live fulfilling lives.

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