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Science vs / We’re Back! And Boldly Going Where We’ve Never Gone Before | Science vs

We’re Back! And Boldly Going Where We’ve Never Gone Before | Science vs

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The Science vs podcast is back with a new season, promising exciting episodes that delve into a variety of intriguing topics. From uncovering the truth behind supposedly healthy foods to exploring the cutting-edge science of breathing, this season is set to challenge our preconceived notions and expand our understanding of the world around us. Get ready for an intellectual journey like no other!

Main Takeaways

The Hidden Dangers of “Healthy” Foods

  • Examining whether foods we have been told are healthy may actually pose risks to our well-being.

The Science of Breathing

  • Exploring the latest research on breathing and questioning whether we may be doing it wrong.

Unmasking the Truth about Energy Drinks

  • Investigating the potential dangers of energy drinks and their impact on our health.

Hard-Hitting Questions for Vapeplords

  • Challenging the vaping industry and uncovering the scientific evidence behind its claims.

In Search of New Life and Civilizations

  • Delving into the possibilities of finding extraterrestrial life and exploring interstellar travel.

Boldly Going into Self-Care

  • Taking a unique approach to self-care and exploring its scientific foundations.

Never Miss an Episode and Have Fun with the Hosts

  • Encouraging listeners to follow the show to stay updated and enjoy the engaging banter of the hosts.


Uncovering the Hidden Dangers of “Healthy” Foods

Science vs. dives into the world of nutrition to investigate whether the foods we’ve been told are healthy are actually harmful. From debunking myths about superfoods to examining the potential risks of certain dietary trends, this episode sheds light on the truth behind the labels.

The Science of Breathing: Are We Doing it Wrong?

Our breath is something we rarely think about, but Science vs. challenges us to reconsider our understanding of this fundamental bodily function. Through the latest scientific research, we explore the impact of breathing techniques on our physical and mental well-being, and whether there are more effective ways to optimize our respiratory health.

The Dark Side of Energy Drinks and Vaping

Science vs. confronts the dangers of energy drinks and questions the marketing claims of the vaping industry. With a focus on scientific evidence, this episode uncovers the potential health risks associated with these popular products and delves into the controversies surrounding their consumption.

Searching for New Life and Civilizations

Is there life beyond Earth? Science vs. explores the exciting field of astrobiology and the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life. From the possibilities of microbial life on Mars to the potential for interstellar travel, this episode takes us on a cosmic journey to expand our understanding of the universe.

Boldly Going into the Science of Self-Care

Self-care has become a buzzword, but what does science have to say about it? Science vs. delves into the scientific foundations of self-care, exploring evidence-based practices that promote well-being. This episode challenges conventional notions and offers fresh insights into how we can truly take care of ourselves.


The new season of Science vs. is set to captivate listeners with its thought-provoking exploration of diverse scientific topics. From debunking health myths to pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the universe, this podcast promises to entertain, educate, and challenge our perspectives. Don’t miss out on the exciting episodes and engaging discussions with the hosts!

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